The Results Are In!

We present to you the new executive board of Barnard Chemical Society for the 2013-2014 academic year:

President: Rabia Iqbal
Vice President: Siobhan MacArdle
Treasurer: Kelly Terlizzi
Secretary: Judy Gong
Webmaster: Clarey Hung
Publicity Officer: Nadia Asous

Congratulations to our new board members! We thank all those who applied for positions and encourage everyone to join our weekly meetings.

Look forward to next year’s activities but don’t think so far ahead just yet! We are planning for one last study break of the semester before finals hit – an outdoor event, maybe?

Get Ready…

Hello, we hope your week off was a relaxing one. Right before the break, we celebrated pi-day with karaoke and homemade pie in Altschul Atrium. Thank you to all who stopped by! Our following event will take place next week on April 1st, from 12 to 1 PM at 514 Altschul, where we will be having tea and cookies with Professor Buzzeo.

Don’t forget that elections for executive board positions are quickly approaching. If you would like to apply, be ready to submit a short paragraph describing why you are interested in the position(s) and what you can bring to the group. We will have details regarding submissions soon.

Dinner With the Majors

It was great to see so many people at the general board meeting today! We hope you enjoyed the cupcakes as much as we did. There was much talk about applying to the summer research program — remember to speak to the professors if you’re interested in their projects and that the deadline for applications are due next Friday, the 22nd.

Next Monday, we will be having dinner with our fellow chemistry and biochemistry majors. If you are thinking about declaring a (bio)chemistry major, we would love for you to join us. Dinner will be in 514 Altschul and will start at 7 PM.

General Body Meeting and Cupcakes!

Have you seen our flyers around? Our general body meeting, where you can learn more about BCS and meet the members, is on Tuesday, February 12th. Drop by 514 Altschul at 8 PM. We will be talking about some of our upcoming events and would love to hear any ideas you may have for what you would like to see happen this semester. We will also be discussing elections, which will be taking place later in the semester. On top of that, there will be cupcakes! Let’s see if we can make the whole periodic table of cupcakes…

Excited for Girls Science Day!

We can’t wait for Girls’ Science Day held today, November 10, 2012 at Columbia’s science labs. This event allows middle school students to engage in cool science demos led by students like you and me. This year, the BCS is volunteering as group leaders to escort the girls through the experiments. We’re looking forward to meeting the students!! Pictures to follow soon…stay tuned. :)

-Samima H. & Faizunnahar D.

Back to the Elements

Hello BCS and followers! It has been a busy start to the new academic year. Of course, besides BCS events, there are classes to think about. The first midterms are already around the corner, but do you remember all of the elements? Fear not! Check out the Elements song or some of NOVA’s neat resources. (NOVA has some fantastic television programs… that you can watch during a study break! You be the judge of whether or not that’s a serious suggestion.)

In other news, we hope everyone has enjoyed our events so far and are as excited as we are about the upcoming ones. We are planning a series of luncheons featuring some of our wonderful chemistry professors, as well as a lab coat tie-dye party, just to name a few. Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime feel free to follow us on Facebook or e-mail us to join our mailing list.